The Central Financing and Contracting Department has a separate website where all relevant information and announcements on the use of IPA assistance in the Republic of North Macedonia can be found -

The Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) is a department which is operating within the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia, and aims to ensure adequate, effective and efficient implementation of IPA-funded projects while respecting the principles of sound financial management and implementing appropriate controls.  

CFCD, as the central body for contracting of projects financed under IPA (2007-2013) instrument, as well as under the IPA II (2014-2020) instrument, is responsible for conducting tender procedures, contracting, monitoring and payment of EU-funded IPA projects within the decentralized management system in the Republic of North Macedonia.

By now, CFCD was responsible for sound financial management of the projects financed under the following IPA Components:

  • IPA Component I – Transition Assistance and Institution Building,
  • IPA Component III – Regional Development,
  • IPA Component IV – Human Resources Development.

In the same direction, this instrument continued to function in the period of 2014-2020, through the new Financial Perspective and the new Instrument IPA II. The components that were characteristic of the IPA I instrument for the 2007-2013 programming period were replaced by "areas of action" and a sectoral approach in managing the IPA II instrument for the 2014-2020 financial perspective. Furthermore, the country has established the necessary structures and designated the key bodies required for the indirect implementation of the IPA II instrument.

In relation to the Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) in the Ministry of Finance, it should be emphasized that its role within the established system for indirect management of IPA assistance granted for the period 2014-2020 (IPA II) remains unchanged in terms of responsibilities for implementation of tendering procedures, signing contracts and executing payments. In this regard, CFCD will act as the Contracting Authority for indirect implementation of the following programmes:

  • Action Programme of the Republic of Macedonia for 2014 - IPA / 2014 / 037-701, Activity 3 – Justice Sector Support Programme; Activity 4 - Internal Affairs: Implementing the System for Sustainability and Data Recovery - second phase; Activity 5 - Internal Affairs: Further Development of the Capacities for Crime Scene Investigation,
  • Multi-Annual Sectoral Operational Programme of the Republic of Macedonia for Environment and Climate Change and Transport for the period 2014-2020,
  • Multi-Annual Sectoral Operational Programme of the Republic of Macedonia for Transport for the period 2014-2020,
  • Action Programme for the Republic of Macedonia for 2017 (Action 4: EU Support for Education, Employment and Social Policy (Results 2 and 3)).

The Head of CFCD is also designated as Programme Authorising Officer for IPA Component I, and as Head of the Operating Structures (HOS) for IPA Components III-IV. In addition, Head of Central Financing and Contracting Department was appointed as Head of the respective Operating Structures for indirect management of the IPA Instrument under the Financial Perspective 2014-2020.

Tasks regarding programming, technical implementation and monitoring of contracts implementation are delegated to the respective Line Ministries/ Beneficiary Institutions with the Operational Agreements signed between PAO/HOS and Senior Programme Officers (SPO)/ IPA Coordinators.

CFCD supervises the overall implementation of the projects and PAO/HOS retains overall responsibility for the project's implementation and shall ensure the effective supervision of the proper implementation of the tasks delegated to the SPO/ IPA Coordinators.

Contact persons:

Assistant Head of Department
Tanja Beginova
T: +389 2 3255 308